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Cakes Cakes Cakes!

Our skilled and talented cake artist will create what you can imagine! Submit a custom order inquiry for custom cakes, cupcakes or cookies.

Only Custom Made By Request

Pecan Spice

This delicious cake is made with pecan spice and topped off by a rich caramel cremed frosting!

Our history

Sometime in... 2012

We wanted some sweets, so....

It started out of the kitchen in the house making treats for the parents and the kids!

Early on in the year.... 2013

it all began with cupakes...

looking for something easy and fast to make.

Time flies, and now it was ... 2014

it all evolved into creative little sweets

everyone also started to love decorative crispy treats for celebrating happy times!

That same year....still 2014

It was Cakes Cakes Cakes

Everyone loves to celebrate a special day with something sweet, so we started with our kids birthday cakes.

Fast Forward... 2015

Custom CAKES!

Friends wanted their own cakes....really creative ones too!

During that Summer of... 2016

Everyone loves Dihzurt

Its always someones birthday or holiday! We love a custom order request, but a signature line was a creation at a time began

Now its June 2017

From Home Kitchen to....

We have now partnered with the famous Mike's Deli In LA! All our cakes will be featured, ordered and sold exclusively at their flagship location. Such a blessing...